Jewish Poetry Society


    Poetry is more popular than

ever and The JPS  invites you to

express yourself through poetry

and stay positive in these challenging times.

    We like to keep up with present trends and were even featured in the 2013 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 



Judy Karbritz, Harrow’s Community Poet, was recently a guest on Helen Legh’s BBC Three Counties Radio faith programme:

At the JPS we want to encourage and enable you to find the poet within, offering you the chance to enter our competitions, have your work published in the press and our newsletter and read your poetry at our social gatherings.

    We hold regular and friendly meetings which are normally on the first Thursday afternoon of the month in Glebe Hall, Stanmore HA7 4EL where we always give our poets a challenge - why not email if you’d like more information.  

     Judy’s latest book, Tower of Bagels, has now been published. It included poems about the Jewish year and family life, cleaning the house before the cleaner arrives and the joy of shopping for a bargain. Contact Judy for more information.




Judy Karbritz

Pattie Greenberg




Wayne Sleep OBE

Elaine Feinstein

Martha Reeves

(without her Vandellas!)

Fiona Sampson

Welcome to the Jewish Poetry Society.